Thursday, July 16, 2015

Kitten for rent

          Kitten season is well upon us with hundreds of little ones needing forever homes in northwest Ohio.  A couple of summers ago I adopted a little sprite I named Aditi and let me tell you...if she were my first kitten, she would have been the last.  Her never-ending shenanigans were notorious for the first year and half, but she's turned out to be a most wonderful adult.  So hang in there new pet owners!  Kittenhood doesn't last for long.
          And if you're lucky, you'll end up with a cat who just might melt your heart...and can write a funny little blog, too!

Kitten for rent
Originally published on January 31, 2014

Hi, I'm Aditi!  My mom is beat after a long week of 18 hour days in her office so she asked me to write this week-end's blog.  I'm pretty young and can't get the hang of this keyboard, so let me be brief:

Kitten for Rent

Cute and feisty black, short hair kitten for rent.
For an hour.
For a day.
For a week.
Rates are variable, depending on length of stay.

Mom says to make sure you know the following guidelines:
1.  I like to jump into things like full laundry baskets, garbage cans, a sink.  I even tried to get into the oven once when she was baking cookies.
2.  I like to escape out of open doors, so you have to come and go quickly!  Who cares if it's minus seven degrees outside!  There were snow drifts to climb and I have a built-in fur coat.
3.  I can teach your other pets things like how to open the dryer door and climb on the precarious edges of cornices. 
4.  I eat like a horse and complain mightily if I don't get fed on time.  My specialty is chewing computer cords until Mom gives up and gets out the catnip so I'll take a nap.
5.  I am an insatiable playmate and will keep you up until all hours of the night as I gallop through your house.
6.  I don't sleep through the night.  Well...that's not entirely true.  Since Mom brought me home last July, I slept through the night FOUR times!  
7.  I am extremely curious.  Mom says I must be on my seventh life by now.
8.  I'm a real handful, but lots of fun.  I love to cuddle when I'm tired, but when I'm not, look out!
9.  Dog owners: I met my first dog this week and while I was startled at first, I wasn't too intimidated to corner him in the basement and wouldn't let him up the stairs.  He was six times bigger than me, but what does that matter?  I can hold my own...always.

Mom says that rates are variable, but she'll pay you whatever you want at this point.  All she wants is good night's sleep.  She thinks I'll grow out of it as I get bigger.  Tee hee!  Little does she know my biorhythms don't work that way.  I love the night life.
Oh she comes!  What's that, Mom?  Oh...sorry, but she says to scrap the whole thing 'cause she'd miss me too much.  I think she knows I'm "Kate in a Kitten Suit" and the result of her mother saying, "Oh, how I wish you'll have a daughter like you someday."
Isn't karma great?