Thursday, December 22, 2016

Open Road: Year Four - Still Here

The Introduction to 

In August of this year, I took a trip to Sedona, Arizona.  A friend and I had talked about going ever since our teaching days, more than twenty years ago.  As a surprise gift for my fiftieth birthday, Sandy made all of those hopes and dreams a reality.  Every morning we hiked in the red rocks, soaking in the incredible energy of the many vortexes around Sedona.  Every evening we watched the sun set over a mesa that is indescribably beautiful. 
The rock formations were mesmerizing.  The millions of years they’ve been on this planet, mindboggling.  Yet the countless faces I saw on the craggy mountainsides reminded me that it often takes eons to create something both magical and mystical. 
In 2016, I often ran into people from my past who I hadn’t seen in a while, some for more than a decade.  They kindly asked, “Are you still teaching yoga?”  “Still writing?”  “Still trying to get published?”
I nodded, silently acknowledging all of the things with which I’m still determinedly engaged after all these years. 
“Wow,” one person said.  “Your persistence is inspiring.”
Later, when I took the time to meditate on it, I marveled at the longevity of my tenacity, and I also acknowledged the toll it’s taken to be where I am, still in this place of waiting for the fruition of what seems like a lifetime of diligence and patience.  Yet entering a new decade has allowed me to look back with gratitude for that which has passed and look forward to all that is still yet to be. 

The past year has been filled with complete surprises, some wonderful.  Some not so much.  Still, each one has allowed me to be more willing to let go of the past, more open to new experiences, more honest in sharing my life.  In preparing this book of essays, I’ve noticed the theme of death and resurrection rising to the surface.  As I’ve taken another trip around the upward spiral of my life unfolding I’ve been able to reveal my True colors, I’ve learned to Fly like an eagle.  I can feel safer when I let my Dude treat me like a lady and I finally figured out that This is it.  It’s not always been an easy journey, but it’s certainly been a fruitful one.  Now, more than ever, I’m thankful for it all.

The mesas in Sedona have stood in one place for millions of years, slowly evolving to become the stunning wonder that they are today.  The passing ages have created beauty and generated energetic vortexes that have the power to heal and inspire those who are fortunate enough to stand in their midst. 
Perhaps the same is true for each one of us.  We may not have millions of years, but as long as we’re still here, there’s a purpose and meaning to our lives.  I’m so thankful to be here.
Still learning.
Still growing.
Still evolving.

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