Thursday, March 17, 2016

I was "woo woo" when "woo woo" wasn't cool

Twenty-five years ago I taught myself how to meditate.  Not long after that I became a strict vegetarian and started practicing yoga.  Then I went gluten-free, dairy-free, and got Rolfed for the first time.  In addition to donning yoga pants for decades, I've worn flowing dresses, dangly earrings, and decorative scarves longer than I can remember.  For a quarter of a century I carved out a Bohemian lifestyle, bucking what society often thought of my mala bracelets, essential oils, and shelves filled with books about spirituality. 
Back then, long before Lululemon and Eckhart Tolle became household names, I was considered to be a nut or a novelty.  Even when I lived at Esalen, I kept my mouth shut about my knowledge of chakras, kundalini, and ancient mystery schools for if I heard it once, I heard it a dozen times:  "Kate, you're a little too woo woo for me." 
Well, these days I can't go to a social event without finding myself encircled by a group of people enthralled that I can describe one of them to a "T" just by watching him/her walk (because our biology is our biography) or knowing their astrological sign (because, as a quintuple Virgo, I love to figure people out).  Eventually someone always whips out their cell phone and logs into an astrology website so I can take a peek at the rest of their natal chart, then describe in great detail their personal habits, relationships, work life, and the like.   It's all in good fun and I don't mind at all.  I suppose people are catching on to the fact that there's more to life than meets the eye...even if what they discover in the world behind their eyes is a little unsettling.  
When my intuition was awakened, it shook me up a bit, too, but now I'm happy to say that back in the day, I was woo woo when woo woo  wasn't cool.  So here's a remake of Barbara Mandrell's I Was Country When Country Wasn't Cool for all the ageless hippies and timeless Bohemians out there.
          Om Shanti Namaste.

"I was woo woo when woo woo wasn't cool"
Sung to the tune of YouTube's "I Was Country When Country Wasn't Cool"

I remember wearing flowing dresses and mala beads
Even when they weren't in style
I remember chanting in meditation class
Until my whole body seemed to smile

And I was listening to new age music
When all of my friends were digging rock and roll
And rhythm and blues
I was woo woo when woo woo wasn't cool

I remember going on weekend yoga retreats
Turning down the noise, listening to silence instead
I remember when no one was looking
I was balancing my chakras, standing on my head

I took a lot of kidding
'Cause I never did fit in
Now look at everybody trying to be what I was then
I was woo woo when woo woo wasn't cool

I was woo woo when woo woo wasn't cool
I was woo woo from my third eye to my roots
I still act and look the same
What you see ain't nothing new
I was woo woo  when woo woo wasn't cool

They called me a weirdo hippie 
For going my own way
I'm just glad I didn't take it to heart
Because it's a gift to "be here now" today
I was woo woo when woo woo  wasn't cool

Yeah, I was woo woo when woo woo wasn't cool