Monday, July 13, 2015

Dear Aunt Kate

July 13, 2015

Dear Aunt Kate,

Mom says this letter is well over-due, so I spent the weekend learning how to use the keyboard on her computer.  My brother and sisters have already written blogs of their own, and I suppose it's my turn this summer.  It's hard to believe that over seven years have gone by since I stayed with you while Mom lived in Big Sur!  I was just a shy, little sprite back then.  I'm still shy, but I'm the oldest cat around here now...and that comes with some perks.

A new kitten, Aditi, arrived a couple of years ago and she's such a pest!  A cute one to be sure, but I still have to put her in her place, reminding her of who is top cat.  Even right now, she's hanging on out the computer table, making my job that much more difficult by swishing her tail onto the keyboard.  Still, she is very playful and has reminded me that anything and everything can be a plaything.  Even though I share my treats with her, she still bosses her way into my private apartment on the second floor of the linen closet and steals my food.  Oh well, that's the youngest child for you...always getting what she wants.  Even so, Mom makes sure to shut the door so I can have my privacy, especially when yoga students arrive.

This summer I spend most of my days watching the diggers and other heavy equipment outside on the front lawn.  It kind of reminds me of all the hours I sat in your apartment window, watching the cars go by.  Mom says the gas lines are being replaced in our neighborhood, so there's lots to see and hear from seven in the morning until well after five some days.  With all the rain we've been having, they work overtime, and so do I, silently supervising from the picture window and alerting Mom if someone's on the front porch about to ask to get into the basement for the umpteenth time. 

You'd be surprised at how much I've learned to talk, too.  I chatter.  I beg.  I whine.  I meow.  I've even learned how to say, "hello," thanks to my sister, Jhoti, who just started speaking English last year.  It still surprises us all when she hollers, "Hello!  Mom!"  And when we had to go to the vet for our annual check up last winter, all the way there she moaned, "No!  No!  NO!"  Jhoti won't speak on command (what cat will do anything on command?), so unless someone's here at an opportune moment, they miss Jhoti's verbal prowess.  But I can vouch for it myself.  She woke us up the other night howling for Mom when she knew darn well we were sleeping and that breakfast would not arrive until after sunrise.  

Mom says to tell you Carley's garden is growing beautifully this year.  And she says to thank you again for all the wonderful care you gave her while she was away.  If not for you and Dr. Barden, our amazing vet, Mom wouldn't have had time to share with her once she moved back from California.  I hear her tell the story about how you called on a sunny Sunday to let her know Carley was sick. She always says how compassionate you were when she felt helpless, being so far away and not knowing what to do.  Pet sitting can be fun, but it's often a challenge, and it was on that day you truly became Carley's surrogate mother.  

It's too bad that there's Mother's Day and Father's Day, but no Aunt's Day, so I've decided that when your August birthday rolls around, I'll be celebrating twice.  Once to be thankful you were born...and again because you kept me safe and sound while my mom was away.  Everyone should be so lucky to have such a kind and caring pet sitter and pal like you.  


Here's a recent picture of Jhoti and me.  I've learned that black cats make the best sisters!