Monday, February 16, 2015

Call me "Kate" ... part two

          Happy Monday!  Hope you all had a wonderful weekend as winter slowly edges its way toward spring. were very much in my thoughts as the storm blew across your part of the country.  On Saturday I precariously drove through four inches of slush and snow on my way to teach a workshop all the while thinking, "I'm ready for a change of seasons!"  I know most Midwesterners are more than ready as many of us think any temperature above fifteen degrees is downright balmy.
          Still, it's a lovely sunny morning.  The days keep getting longer.  March will be here before you know it.  Change is inevitable.  And for me, in more ways than one. 

          For over a year, I've been contacted by folks who confused me with another self-published author named Katie Ingersoll who writes in a style and genre vastly different than my own.  Even when I added my middle initial to the mix, there were still eager readers who thought her work was mine and vice versa.  Still, Mercury went direct last Wednesday, so I can't blame the confusion over the weekend on the planet of communication moving backward.  
          So it's time for a change.
          As I'm one for clarity right from the start, I've slightly altered the first name under which I'm published to avoid future mix-ups.  As of today, you can find my work on Goodreads,, Barnes and Noble, Facebook, Google, and Pinterest by searching for "Kate Ingersoll" (see links below). 

          From now on, you can call me Kate in the publishing world and beyond.  For all my friends who want to be grandfathered under my old moniker, I'll still answer to Katie.  But please...unless you're my little pal, Satish, don't call me Catherine.