Thursday, September 11, 2014


          Every year around my solar return (i.e. my birthday), I pay a visit to my friend and astrologer, Sue Lovett.  It's a way to get a pulse on the year ahead, the energy that's available to me, and the planetary weather forecast for the next twelve months or so.  I was supposed to head over to her office yesterday, but torrential rains kept me home and pondering if I might need a canoe and oars to get out of the neighborhood today.  That super full moon and all its energy on Tuesday were gifts that just kept on too are the ups and downs I've experienced since last September.
          My life has been a mixed-bag this year.  Since January I've made a lot of significant changes in my work life, some that were my choice, others not so much.  But it was heartening to sit with Sue this afternoon and know that as time goes by, things are evolving for my higher good.
          "With your progressed chart, it looks like you're working from home a lot more," Sue said.  Then she explained how my progressed moon trines my natal Mars and my natal moon trines my progressed Sun and Venus.  (For those of you who have no clue what this means...suffice it to say, they're both pretty auspicious!)  All in all, my chart reaveals what I've been focusing on for the past several weeks -- research, digging deep, unearthing connections and common threads, and preparing for a lot of work that is coming my way this fall and winter.  And of course, writing...writing...writing.
          "With the two eclipses coming up in October, you're in a very good position to finally have some satisfaction," Sue continued.
          "How so?" I asked.  "In work or other areas of my life?"
          "Well, whatever you've been working on for a while will finally have some momentum."
          Well, hooray for that! 

          But really, chatting with Sue was more of a validating experience as I'm already feeling the contentment of moving into a new way of being.  A new novel unfolding.  Long hours home alone writing and researching.  Planning the foundation for The Lace Makers and experimenting with new characters' voices.  I've already started dreaming about them, so I'm off to an empowering start.   I figure by the time Halloween rolls around, I'll have some clarity as to how this is all going to play out in the world outside of the four walls of my office space.   But for now, it's all good just to sit here and know that as summer turns to fall, I'm turning another page, too...and that the Universe is conspiring in my favor. 
          "I'm all for endings and new beginnings," I told Sue as I was leaving.  "But it's the ones I didn't plan that are more challenging.  I do love to have control."  Then I laughed.  "I guess accepting that I don't have control teaches me to just let it be what it is."
          And in that space of letting go into the wonders and endless possibilities of an unknown future, I find the deepest satisfaction of all.