Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Hooked on my new NOOK

          This past weekend I was gifted with the most wonderful gadget.  Well, it's much more than that and I'm certain as I learn all the bells and whistles, I'll be that much more excited.  For the past few days I've been curled up with my new NOOK savoring books and browsing for new titles.  Much to my surprise, it's more than a new reading tool.  I can browse the internet, get email, download books from the library, and even listen to Pandora radio all over the house (and most importantly, in my backyard swing).
          It's an interesting experience to join the twenty-first century of communication and while I can certainly see how addicting my seven by five inch NOOK can be, I'm learning it's all about balance.  I have no intention of turning in my archaic flip phone for a Smart one.  If I need information while out and about, I'll make sure to pack my NOOK and off we go.  As long as there's WiFi access, we'll be up and running.  But as I had written in a blog last year, most of the time, the internet is turned off so I don't run down the battery too quickly.  And so I don't get interrupted every time someone emails or sends a message via my Facebook account. 
          Since I brought my NOOK home, I've been thinking about my friend, Felicia, a lot.  She used to teach a cell phone etiquette class at a local high school and really impressed me with the reality that we all choose how much we let technology control us.  I don't always answer the phone if I'm working (unless I'm expecting an important call), and often turn it off if I'm in the middle of a project that needs my conscious attention.  When working with a desktop computer, I often go outside to sit on the front porch and focus on something beyond the two and half feet distance between me and the screen.  I throw in a load of laundry.  Do the dishes.  Weed the garden.
          But with a NOOK, I have to be more vigilant.  It's simple to carry it from room to room to room, and I often get carried away by the ease in which I can switch gears from email to the weather site to a host of other distractions.  It's so lightweight, I can read for hours and my hands don't get tired.  In fact, I often prop it on a pillow and, except for swiping to turn the page, I don't touch it at all.  I'm learning to limit myself and my NOOK time, although like any new toy, it's a fascination and a fun way to fill my hours that used to be spent knitting.  I imagine I'll have my entire booklist read by the end of October -- and then will add a host of new titles that I can access with ease.
         Who'd have thought I'd embrace it so easily...this gal who at one time years ago balked at getting online...who didn't want email or a cell phone?  By experience I can see why technology can be an incredible time saver (no more card catalog EVER) and often a time waster (thank goodness I never had Facebook while in college).   But, like everything else, I'm figuring out how to use my NOOK as a tool, as an extension of my love of reading.  As a way to learn more in less time, while still appreciating the time it often takes to sink into a good story.
          And that never least not for me.
          So...send your recommendations for good books my way.  As summer slowly turns into fall and gardening season winds down, I'll be left with a lot more time and motivation to read...curled up on the sofa with a mug of hot cocoa and my NOOK...reading my way into a book-lover's paradise.
Now this is really my kind of nook!