Thursday, August 28, 2014

Back in the game


          From August 22 until September 21 I intend to hail all things Virgo:  organization, helpfulness, clarity, and kindness.  A love for bringing order out of chaos and a proclivity toward taking care of children and small animals.  Okay...there's also pickiness, perfection, and a tendency to over-analyze, but hey...what can I say?  No one complained about that when I was helping them with their coursework in college. 
          As summertime winds down, kids go back to school, vacation season ends, and we all get back in the game (whatever that means to you), I'm contemplating my new existence.  I realized this week that, for the first time since I was in kindergarten (and except for the year I lived in Big Sur), I won't work within the school calendar.  From the time I graduated from college I've spent time with kids in some capacity -- teaching fourth, sixth, or first grade.  Tutoring kids in reading or language.  Sharing my love of yoga with little ones of all ages.    Now that's come to an end...and I've got some time to fill.
          I'm not in a hurry to rush back into the manuscript I started last June.  The novels and resources the wonderful librarians at Sanger Branch have given me will keep me busy reading for next month or so.  I have the time to gently harvest my gardens and complete small home improvements.  Time to visit with friends.  Time to once again teach workshop topics that I absolutely love. 
          And ultimately I have the time to query new literary agents in the hopes of finally making a breakthrough in the publishing industry.

          I spent the first half of this year self-publishing all of my books and what an adventure that has been.  I never realized the emotional toll it took to edit and rewrite the memoir.  The intense and often frustrating process of formatting the novels for KINDLE or NOOK.  And while books sales have been slow, I couldn't be happier with the responses I consistently hear from readers who take the time to write and share their own experiences.  I'm overjoyed when I discover someone else's story that was sparked by something I had written...and know that's the heart of why I write.  How I love to share a good story -- mine or someone else's.
          But now I'm faced with the process of starting over again.  After working with an agent for three years, she was unable to find the best placement for my work, so instead of waiting for more of the same, I made the difficult decision to move on and begin anew.  It's daunting now as I find myself standing in the middle of two trains of thought:  one...the fact that I truly want to spend the rest of my life writing and editing; and two...the uneasy process of moving once more into the cut-throat and often confusing world of publishing.  And to be completely honest, I'm exhausted by the constant rejection...but doesn't every writer feel this way at one point or another?
          Still, I know that the risk to send out query letters is better than sitting here and wondering "what next?"   And I know what will happen if I choose to stay frozen in this challenging place of being.  Ultimately I'm making the choice to move forward and let things unfold as they will.
          However, unlike all the other times I've written to literary agents in the hopes that they'll be interested enough in my work to sign me, I now have six books online.  Over one hundred blogs I've written in the past year and a half.  Professional pages on several different websites.  Technology is a wonder and I wonder if I had to wait this long just to figure out that whole process. 
          And yet, timing might be a factor yet again.  It always is when it comes to changes I'm itching to create.  Virgos often love to have things neatly lined up (at least this Virgo does), but through gardening and teaching yoga, I've learned how to simply go with the process.  To let things get messy before they find their way into a structure that's uniquely their own.  To just do what I can and not get caught up in the details...for they'll surely take care of themselves over time.
          Who knows what the future will bring as I get back in the more time?  

To celebrate all things Virgo, my books are on sale this month for $2.99 each!  See links below to shop at or Barnes and Noble.  No NOOK or KINDLE?  No apps are available on their websites.  Feel free to contact me for assistance if you need it!  
It's pretty simple once you get the hang of digital downloading.