Saturday, May 31, 2014

The top ten things I love about Taryn

          I met my pal, Taryn, at Miami University during our junior year.  Seated behind me in method's classes, she and I became fast friends...once we discovered we share the same odd sense of humor.  She's more sarcastic.  I'm more acerbic, but it was a friendship match made in heaven. 
          We've been through college graduation together.  Survived our earliest teaching days by calling each other weekly for support.  And most importantly, each of us had helped shore up the other after countless blind dates and screwball men who often crossed our paths.  In fact, one of the things I remember most about my late twenties and early thirties is calling Taryn after being jilted or juggled or jerked around by a guy and hearing her instant and encouraging reply (see the top ten list below).
          Taryn's been a stalwart support of my career change when I left the classroom and embraced my yoga practice more fully.  She knew me before I knew I wanted to be writer.  Before I bought my house.  Before my grandfather died.  Before any one of the inevitable life lessons came knocking on my door.  But always she's been there during the storm to buoy me through the lightening and thunder; and then afterward to enjoy the rainbow.
          So in honor of our nearly twenty-eight year friendship, I decided to make a top ten list that echos Taryn's eclectic and often sardonic affect on my life.  

The Top Ten Thinks I Love About Taryn

1.  She's an impeccable professional in the classroom.  I don't know anyone who thinks of such fabulous ways to encourage little ones to read.  Google "Taryn's Unique Learning" and you'll get the picture...literally.

2.  Taryn always finds the most hilarious cards and postcards that brighten my day and make me laugh my head off, especially the one that said on the front, "We can talk about anything."  When I opened it up, it said, "My butt itches. See?  Anything!"  And yes, we do talk about anything and everything.

3.  Whenever either of us hears "Sweet Home Alabama," it takes us right back to our Senior finals when we were supposed to be studying...but instead enjoyed shooting spitballs while Lynyrd Skynard played on the tape deck.

4.  She understands when I get emotional about things that are important to me and, in the past, has listened infinitum to my endless stories about men.  And whenever I was treated badly, she always said, "No soup for him!  NEXT!"

5.  Her dog, Izzy, is just about the cutest dog I've ever seen.  I've watched him grow from a little ball of white fuzz into a darling old man.

6.  She totally gets it when I'm obsessed about a book, a movie, or a piece of music.  In fact, I'll tell her, "This one's going on my top ten CD's to have if I'm ever stranded on a desert island."  We haven't discussed this one in a while and I'm curious to see if her tastes have changed.

7.  Taryn's curly hair is to die for.  'Nuf said.

8.  When I wrote a novel that's all letters and emails written between two college friends as they grow up and grow older, Taryn read it and told me, "You can never publish this!"  I replied, " would give too much away!"  Love her honesty.

9.  Taryn doesn't think I'm too "woo woo" when I talk about chakras, archetypes, or the crazy lucid dream I had last night.  She listens with a curious fascination and often asks for more.

10.  I know that we'll be friends for another twenty-eight years at least.  Good God, we'll be 76 by then, but I'm sure that all I'll have to do is give her a call and we'll be twenty-one years old again, laughing on the lawn in front of my apartment, sipping A&W and singing, "Sweet Home Alabama."  

     How sweet it will be.

"Sweet Home Alabama"
Miami University, 1988