Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Equinox, the sequel

          For those of you who read "Equinox" last September, you may recall the rash of injuries I suffered as the days led up to September 21st.  From cold-cocking myself in the face to falling off of my bike, I was in sad shape by the time day and night were perfectly balanced. 
          Now we're heading toward the spring equinox and don't I know it.  In the past week I've hit my head three times.  Nearly fell UP the stairs while toting a basket of laundry.  Dealt with a plethora of shenanigans played out by my kitten who thinks she's Spider Woman and can scale curtain rods and anything else above my reach. 
          And just this morning I realized it must be "Hit a Pedestrian Day" (and I missed the memo) after being nearly sideswiped three times in the Target parking lot.
          Okay...I know we just set the clocks ahead.  And another snowmaker is on the way tomorrow.  And the moon will be full on Sunday.  It's supposed to be spring, but I guess Mother Nature didn't get that memo either as I haven't seen the gardens in my backyard since Christmas.  We've all got cabin fever here in the Midwest and beyond, but I know the way I'm feeling is also related to the upcoming equinox.
          I'm not really all that comfortable when things are linear and balanced...not any more.  I used to decorate my mantle with two of everything, perfectly placed to be mirror reflections of each other.  I used to plant a garden that was the same every single year, with a repetitive, predictable pattern.
          No more.
          Now I prefer things to be a little off center...just as I am if I'm completely honest.  It's more interesting when the teeter totter is in motion, not hanging in the balance immobile. 
          And yes, I know I need to be a bit more careful as we head toward another day when light and darkness are in equilibrium.  Yet it's good to be reminded once again that I'm more comfortable in the ever-shifting motion of life.  That I'm not stuck in old patterns that have me crossing a room ten times to get the couch pillows to lay "just right." 
          That I'm willing to see life as an ever-changing, ever-evolving opportunity to be present enough to be where I am in any moment so that I can avoid any more head injuries as well anticipate the wonder-filled changes spring will surely bring.
          Whenever it decides to finally arrive.

          So as you venture out into the world for the next week or so...please be mindful of pedestrians.  Practice patience.  Be willing to be present.  And be open to creating balance in the smallest of places.  The earth will meet us there next Thursday.
          And without a doubt, on Friday you'll find me jumping for joy.