Sunday, February 9, 2014

You know what you with downloading Open Road: a life worth waiting for

          My generation was born at the cusp of the computer age.  In some ways I envy those in their twenties and early thirties who never had to endure the long process of using a card catalog.  Who never had to use a dime to call home.  Who can't remember life before the Internet.
          If I had a dime for every time I said, "What did we ever do before Google?" I could retire to Hawaii right now.  And this winter, that's looking mighty tempting.
          Still, I know what I know about computers.  I cut my teeth on an Apple and worked my up to a Power Mac. Then I switched to a PC and figured out my way around Windows.  I've had a couple of desktops, then switched to a laptop...then back again.  I don't own a Smartphone or a tablet...yet.  And while I would never, ever say I know a lot about computers, I know enough and am always curious to know more.

          Many of you have sent emails and messages letting me know you'd love to download my memoir, Open Road, but don't have a NOOK or a KINDLE or a tablet.  No worries!  I have none of those either, but with your PC, you can easily find the book on Amazon. com or Barnes and Noble.  Here's how:

To download to a PC, Smartphone or Tablet with Windows 8, you can purchase the book at either B&N or Amazon.  Simply click on the link below to first download the free app that will allow you to read the book on your computer.  Links to the product pages are also below.

Link to free app on Amazon:

Link to free app on NOOK (Barnes and Noble):

To download to a PC that has an older form of Windows, you can only download from  

Link to book on Amazon:

Link to book on Barnes and Noble:

          I hope this helps with those of you who know what you know about computers, but are still on a learning curve...just like me!

          Enjoy your day and happy reading!