Thursday, January 30, 2014

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            Here's an interesting question for you -- what do Harry Potter, Frodo Baggins, Dorothy Gale and Luke Skywalker all have in common? 
            Yes, they're some of the best known icons from the last century. 
            Yes, they were all on a journey into unknown places ripe with fear, excitement and trepidation.
            And yes, three of them originated in well-loved books before they were featured in films.  But can you guess the other common thread?
            All of them were orphans. 
            Incredible isn't it?   Each one was blessed with friendship along the way (think Ron and Hermione, the Scarecrow, Samwise Gamgee, and Han Solo), but in the end, each character had to face a daunting task...alone.

            I'm an orphan or sorts, too.  While my agent pitches my fictional work to publishing houses this month, I've made the choice to self-publish my memoir.  There's been no professional editor calling for rewrites, although my dear friend, Joyce, has been a faithful collaborator from the first draft to the last.  There's been no publicist preparing me for what will come next once the book is out in the world, although my pal, Lisa, has been a sounding board for my hopes and wishes...and a few anxieties thrown in for good measure. 
            And sorry to say, there's been no one to format the manuscript for KINDLE and NOOK, so I've just spent the past four days figuring out the wonderful world of "if you make one wrong keystroke, it can mess up the whole document."  So my inner perfectionist has to accept what I cannot change as one of the chapters would not format correctly, no matter what I did.
            Ironically enough, the chapter that almost undid me is entitled "Undone."  So when you get to that one, know that I did my my broken life at the time and now as I'm celebrating the mended pieces.

            It's a joy to realize the fulfillment of two years worth of reading through a decade of journals, conversations with friends, writing, editing, crying, laughing, re-writing, and editing the manuscript over and over again.  I had a lot of help along the way, but in the past few days, I've had to face the finish line by myself.
            I've had to throw my old rings of power into the fires of the past.  I've had to recognize the shadows within myself.  I've had to acknowledge the fact that I embody facets of everyone I've ever known and make peace with those who will let me...and let go of those who will not.
            Most importantly, I've learned that the image I once had of myself as a published writer has been replaced by something much better.  Wiser.  Stronger.  And not easily seen by the outside world.  In walking this path alone, I've learned to rely on my instincts.  To trust my spirit.  To hold my integrity.  To allow the finished product to move through me so that it can go out into the world unencumbered by what I had once longed for...and to invite the reader not only into my heart and mind, but also open the door into their own. 
            And so here I sit in my home office on a chilly winter's night ready to launch my first book into the world.  My day has been filled with wonderful yoga students and friends.  With laughter.  With joy.  With release. 
            Like Dorothy said as she clicked her heels three times, "There's no place like home...there's no place like home...there's no place like home."
            After all this time, I'm beginning to understand she may not only have meant the home we see with our eyes, but the home we embody in our hearts.  So here are three links to click as I invite you share a little of my home...a little of my heart...a little of my life.  

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