Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Age of Aquarius

          Yesterday the sun entered the sign of Aquarius...and hooray!  That means some of my favorite people on the planet will celebrate their birthdays in the next four weeks.  Sue and Linda.  Beth and Presley.  Mrudu and Karole.  Diana and Lynda and Diane.  Laura and my little pal, Harshil.  I'm so blessed to be surrounded by a plethora of people who are bright, open-minded and able to see the forest for the trees.
          It's interesting for me to note that in the past four years, a whole slew of Aquarians entered my life...and for good reason.  I have much to learn from each of them.  Being a Virgo can be exhausting as I jump into projects striving for perfection and organization.  Aquarians take a step back, survey the totality of a situation and then decide when or even if they want get involved.  And more often then not, when they do, it's to help others.

          Last weekend my Astrology 101 class was in full swing when we were discussing the planets and houses of a natal chart.  One of my students asked, "So is that what the song Age of Aquarius means?"
          I know the tune like the back of my hand, but couldn't recall the lyrics.  "Which part?"  I asked.
          Bobbi sang a little of the first verse, "When the moon is in the seventh house and Jupiter aligns with Mars...."
          I smiled.  "Now that you know the seventh house represents relationships and partnerships and others...and the moon represents our emotions and how we express them, it follows that when the moon shifts from the sixth house into the seventh, we become more aware of creating balanced relationships.  More aware of how our behavior affects other people.  We move beyond, 'What's in this for me?' and shift into 'What's in this for us?'"
          Bobbi and the others nodded.
          "When Jupiter aligns with Mars...," I continued.  "Well, to me that means when good fortune and opportunity line up with our hard work and industry, it will expand in ways that benefit more than just what we can see with our eyes.  Meaning that our work is not just for ourselves, but for the global whole."
          My students' eyes brightened. 
          "We've seen this shift coming for a while," one of the ladies said.  "But the song says we're in the dawning of the Age of Aquarius.  When will it happen?"
          "According to some astrologers, it already did," I smiled.  "On the winter solstice in 2012."
          "How long will it last?" someone asked.
          "For a little over 2,000 years," I replied.  "Isn't it interesting to be alive during this shift?"
         For me, this dawning has been awakening, but "interesting" is not the word I would always use.  Upsetting?  Perhaps.  Disheartening?  Sometimes.  Challenging?  Always.  For I can feel the friction of the rising consciousness as it commingles with the status quo.
          For someone who is used to being steeped in silence most of the day.  Who teaches yoga and writes.  Who spends most of her time in quiet, solitary pursuits, it's often a struggle to be in the fast-paced world of "I want what I want when I want it...and that means matter how many people I may irritate or step on in the process."
          It's one of the reasons I choose to keep it simple.  To walk through this world as quietly as I can, working with those who are magically sent to me through friends and other students.  To engage in the outer world when I feel grounded and healthy.  And when I don't, to stay home and regroup. 
          Perhaps that's one of the most wonderful lessons I've learned from my Aquarian friends.  They may not live the same lifestyle that I do, but their inherent ability to see the forest for the trees has taught me to not worry so much about what I can't control.  To let go of the petty crap from yesterday's circumstances.  To continue to look for passageways out of my linear thinking and realize there are infinite pathways to awareness.

          A few weeks ago, my little yoga students and I were talking about the meaning of our names.  One of the girls said, "My name...Sophia...means wisdom."
          I nodded.  "I have a cat named Sophia just for that reason."  Then I turned to the rest of the class.  "Do you know the difference between being smart and being wise?"
          A heavy question for anyone, let alone my primary-aged kids.  They shook their heads.
          Harshil looked pensive and I asked him, "Do you know the difference between knowledge and wisdom?"
          He tilted his head.  "Well...knowledge is when you know something, but wisdom is when you know how to use it."
          Spoken like a true Aquarian.
          I winked at him.  "And you, my friend, are very wise indeed."