Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Welcome to Open Road...enjoy the journey!

            My friends say that if they spend enough time with me, a "Katie Story" will eventually occur.   A magical synchronicity, a person or a necessary lesson will enter my life that allows me to see the bigger picture, the higher meaning of what may seem mundane to some.  I believe that unseen mysterious forces are continually conspiring in our favor; that our lives can become more consciously lived through the awareness of each encounter, each conversation, each person who crosses our path and allows us to see through the kaleidoscope of life with a twist of perspective.  

            I've created Open Road as a place where I can share these magical moments and encourage you to embrace them as they happen in your own life.  Like the flowers that open in the springtime, magic is always there whether we acknowledge it or not, blooming and providing beauty amongst the challenges of living.  Through the difficulties and delights, a thread of grace is consistently being woven into each of us.   It's a freedom to recognize this as it comes, for it allows me to travel on, unencumbered by the fear of what I don't know, what I can't see.  As one of my yoga students often reminds me, "More will be revealed." 

            I look forward to the journey, and hope you do, too!